Six Things I’m Looking Forward to This Fall

Trees with yellow leaves under overcast sky

I’ve been absent from this blog and Twitter over the past couple of weeks because I haven’t felt inspired. I haven’t felt like writing, reading, or doing much of anything that I normally love. So while I’d love to create a post that’s more content-heavy and useful for folks, I think I need to post something simple to 1) get myself back to writing in an easy, accessible way and 2) lift my spirits a bit.

And what better way than to think about all the things I love about my favorite season? I realize that we’re technically about halfway through the season, but… it’s going to be 103 degrees tomorrow. Fall has not yet reached LA. So I’m going to post this list now.

1. Hot apple cider, mulled wine, and all the hot drinks.

I generally don’t like hot drinks (as in I’m not a tea or coffee person at all), but I do make an exception for some seasonal drinks. I didn’t grow up in a household where we celebrated seasons in any way. In fact, I recently had to explain to my mom that when I said I wanted apple cider, I wasn’t talking about the vinegar. So while fall drinks may evoke childhood memories for others, for me they’re more of an adult discovery that I’ve come to love.

2. Overcast skies and cooler temperatures. (And maybe rain for once? I believe in you, LA.)

As someone who comes from a tropical climate and grew up in Southern California, I’m done with heat. There are only so many layers of clothing you can take off to cool down. On the other hand, bundling up with blankets in the cold is much cozier, much more satisfying. And it gives you a nice chance to warm up with comforting drinks as mentioned in #1!

I would talk about pretty leaves and foliage if that were a thing here, but it’s not. Luckily for me, I was in Wisconsin last weekend and got to see some lovely real fall scenery that I won’t be experiencing in LA.

3. Sweaters, boots, scarves, and everything about fall clothing.

I have been dying to put on a sweater this entire month. At this point, I’ll settle even for light jacket weather. If I go out wearing more than one layer, I feel like I’m cooking in an oven. Also, there are like 40 scarves (the one clothing item I never donate or discard for some reason) in my closet waiting to be worn. It’s way past time for me to put away these summer clothes.

There’s also the matter of footwear. My feet give me a lot of trouble, and somehow boots are the most comfortable (and stylish) shoes for me to wear. So far, boots are the only shoes that I haven’t needed to switch over to a comfort shoe brand for. It’s during times like these I miss living in DC and having to wear boots almost 8 months of the year.

4. The holiday, coming-home, winter-is-almost-here feeling.

Since I was a kid, fall has always felt like coming home. It’s the only word I can think to describe the back to school shopping, going back to school, and just everything (including TV shows) starting over again. I guess as a child, I measured my time by the school calendar.

As an adult, though, the coming home feeling holds true. When I moved across the country for grad school and for my job, I did come home in December for the holidays. Fall is broader anticipation for that, complete with celebratory feeling. I mean, what season do you see people decorating their houses as much as for fall?

5. Seasonal movies!

I get excited for when Hocus Pocus comes on TV in October (like today, thanks Freeform). And when there are Home Alone marathons in December. Or when there are reruns of Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas episodes of my favorite shows on TV. I generally don’t like seasonal things at all other times of the year, but fall brings out a more festive, appreciative side of me.

6. Food blogs and their fall recipes. Bring on the chili, the soups, and the chicken pot pies.

One of my favorite things to make is chili, and while I don’t use recipes when I cook, I appreciate food blog photography a lot. Especially when it’s fall food with deep, hearty fall colors. I have also never made a chicken pot pie but I would love to eat it sometime within the next couple of months. I miss my rich, starchy foods a lot, and I only wish the weather would change so I can finally have them without overheating.

Other things I’m looking forward to that aren’t season-related: concerts!

I’m going to see Tegan and Sara (again!) this week and I couldn’t be more excited. Music hasn’t been inspiring to me lately, but Tegan and Sara always make me feel better and their music always makes me fall back in love with music again. I’m also seeing Lizzo next month! She’s badass, body positive, and makes amazing music, so I’m super excited to finally see her live.

What are some of your favorite things about fall? Let me know in the comments! And if you live in a place where there’s beautiful foliage, I’m jealous.

Six Things I'm Looking Forward to This Fall

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