A Guide to Getting Birth Control Prescribed Online and Delivered to Your Door

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I’m a huge fan of this new startup trend that’s emerged, where you can now get your birth control prescribed online and then delivered to your home. Yes! It’s as magical as it sounds. No more doctor’s visits and no more long lines at the pharmacy. All you need to do is get your blood pressure, which you can get from your doctor or have measured at the drugstore or grocery store. It’s so convenient and birth control should totally be that easily accessible. (Honestly it should just be over the counter and I’m not the only one who thinks so. But I’ll take what I can get from the U.S. right now.)

Since I’m based in the U.S., I can only speak to my knowledge of services available in the U.S., but Free the Pill has this nifty table including similar services in other countries as well.

Where Can You Get Birth Control Online?

There are plenty of different companies and organizations offering this service. Planned Parenthood, Prjkt Ruby, Nurx, The Pill Club, and Pandia Health (CA-only) are the ones I’m familiar with. Go to the Bedsider website and enter your ZIP code under “Deliver to Your Door” to see which services deliver to you!

What Types of Birth Control Are Offered Online?

Most of these services offer the pill, the patch, and the ring—in addition to emergency contraception, too.

The Cost of Online Birth Control Services

Again, Bedsider (bless them) has a great breakdown of features including costs for each of these services, and you can find this information here. They also tell you whether the service accepts insurance, and what the cost is with/without insurance.

With Insurance

If you have insurance, Nurx might be the cheapest option since the prescription and delivery services are free, and they do accept insurance. Your insurance should cover birth control under the Affordable Care Act, meaning the whole thing might not cost you at all (though please double-check).

Without Insurance

Without insurance, you can get The Pill Club to quote you the lowest-cost options available and see whether that works for you. Through them, the pill can cost as little as $5 a month, with a $15 fee for a year-long prescription. (They also include samples in their deliveries too, like chocolate or organic tampons!) Do some poking around and see what’s cheapest or works best for you!

If You Prefer Pharmacy Pickups

If all you’re looking for is an online prescription, and you would rather pick it up at your pharmacy rather than have it delivered, there are other services where this is an option, too!

Pandia Health

In California, you can go on Pandia Health and get a birth control prescription (including emergency contraception) for a fee of $39. You can either have them deliver it to your home or have the prescription sent to your pharmacy of choice. With Pandia Health, you can get a prescription lasting up to a year.

Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid Health is a service that’s available in a select number of states (check here in their FAQ). They offer $15 online prescription services for a variety of issues (ranging from birth control to UTIs to acne and more). They send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. You pay the $15 prescription fee to Lemonaid Health, and you pay your prescription co-pay at the pharmacy. For the $15 prescription fee, they can prescribe you a 3-month supply of birth control.

Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic is my new favorite development in the telehealth startup trend. It’s a digital clinic focusing on women’s health, and you can get your birth control prescribed here too! A 10-minute video appointment to discuss birth control with a midwife or nurse practitioner costs $18. They also offer consultations with OBGYNs, mental health providers, and more. It’s all around a great resource and I highly recommend you check it out. If you’re interested, you can get a $25 credit for your first appointment and a limited edition swag bag with my code: DAWNYRVIP.

(Disclaimer: I’ve recently applied to become a Maven Ambassador, which means I get paid for making referrals. But I seriously recommend them because they make getting health care so easy, accessible, and stress-free.)

Go check them out!

When I first found out about these online services, I thought: we really are living in the future. But of course we have a long way to go, since the cost of birth control remains a barrier for many people. With that said, I hope this information was able to help someone! I know the future for reproductive justice in the U.S. is uncertain right now. Let’s take advantage of the resources we have right now and make sure everyone knows the options they have.

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