5 Things I Love About Maven Clinic and Why You Should Too

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For those who don’t know, Maven Clinic is a digital clinic that aims to make health care more accessible for women. I’ve written about them before in a previous post about how to get birth control online. As someone who is currently uninsured, Maven has been a lifesaver in terms of getting answers to health questions, mental health services, and prescriptions.

While an online clinic and video calls are not a substitute for your pap test or blood tests, Maven can be a great supplement to your primary in-person health care, especially for things you don’t need to the doctor’s office for. I’ve been using Maven’s services for almost a year now, so I’m going to share with you some of my favorite things about it and why I think more women should take advantage of it.

1. Sometimes you just want quick advice from a medical professional without the hassle of going into your doctor’s office.

Not every conversation with your doctor has to happen in person. Once, I messaged my doctor a question about fatigue as a medication side effect, and she asked me to go see her in person. She didn’t actually perform any tests on me—she just answered a couple of questions and sent me on my way. What was the point of having me go see her in person, other than to collect the copay?

I also love how easy it is to just message a doctor or nurse practitioner and get an answer. Even more, I love how easy it is to schedule appointments the day of, sometimes even within the next hour or so.

2. Maven offers a wide array of services catered towards women’s specific health needs.

Maven tries to make health care more accessible to working mothers by including pediatricians and pediatric sleep coaches to help answer questions that mothers may have about their children’s health needs. In addition to that, Maven providers also include OBGYNs, midwives, sex coaches, mental health specialists, life coaches, nutritionists, physical therapists, and more.

It’s also comforting to use Maven because I know that providers on the platform are there because they care about making women’s health care more accessible. Most practitioners on Maven have a video bio where they introduce themselves to you, what their specialties are, and why they chose to partner with Maven. For me personally, it’s important that I get care from a provider who understands the needs of women and specifically looks out for that, and Maven makes that so easy.

3. The prices are relatively affordable and could be a great option if you’re uninsured like me.

If you’re looking to refill your birth control prescription or have a quick medical question, a 10-minute video chat with a nurse practitioner on Maven costs $18 (though Maven is constantly giving away free appointments and deals, so be on the lookout for that as well). Back when I was on insurance and wanted to see my doctor for basic things like fatigue and anxiety, I had to pay a $20 copay just for a quick consultation in the office—which was usually even less than 10 minutes.

4. Maven makes getting a simple prescription refill so much more convenient.

I’m a big fan of anything that makes life easier, and telehealth is one of those things. If you’re on medication that’s working for you, getting a refill should be as simple as scheduling a quick video chat on your phone and then picking it up at the pharmacy a few hours later. And if you need a new prescription really quick for something relatively minor, you shouldn’t have to jump through hurdles to get it, either.

5. Mental health care via video chat is a great option if you’re anxious about doctor’s offices or leaving the house.

With Maven, you can schedule an appointment within the hour. That takes away so much of the anticipatory anxiety that can come with scheduling medical or mental health visits. Instead of feeling anxious waiting for days to go see your therapist, you can do it from your house within the hour. It also means that if you have any last-minute needs that come up, you can get immediate care from your fingertips.

If you’re interested in trying out Maven, you can get your first appointment for free ($25 credit) with my referral code: VQN4X. If you do give Maven a shot, let me know how it works out!

5 Things I Love About Maven Clinic and Why You Should Too

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